Monday, September 25, 2006

Poor baby

Brett's got Simon at the vet right now - I just got this via the cell phone.

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the ginger tabby said...

How did Simon's vet visit go?

Jeph said...

Turns out they think the "fatty deposit" or swollen area over his shoulder is from his shot 2 weeks ago, but they took a biopsy and sent it off to pathology. They called today to say there doesn't appear to be anything wrong, but that's only like 98% certainty without removing it. Instead we'll just watch and see...could be a permanent scar (a big one!)

The kidney swelling's all gone down - so that's good news.

The soft still - still occuring sometimes, and still lethally stinky sometimes. We're going to pay attention and see if it's something he's eating that sets it off... A friend at work said that one of their cats had that for THREE YEARS before it "cleared up." Oy.

And the baby teeth that just haven't fallen out yet - we're to wait and watch and see if they fall out over time. If they don't fall out and if they cause a problem, they'll have to be extracted... He's still looking mighty ferocious with a double set of fangs! LOL

OH, and the vet ALSO said they lost his temporary record that they set up LAST time because they lost his PERMANENT record the time before. And they ALSO said they don't think he HAD been given his rabies shot the time before, which is why they gave it to him THIS time (and Brett's checking the billing on this).

What WE'RE saying is "it's time to find another vet!" They're REALLY nice there, nice big modern looking very clean place - most vets have to deal with old buildings that aren't nearly as nice. But they also have EIGHT doctors there, plus a ton of assistants, people are always coming and going, etc. Great, but it's like they've just gotten too busy and are having more and more problems because of it...

Jeph said...

PS - thanks for asking! :)

the ginger tabby said...

A good vet is like gold - I know!

By the way, reading about baby teeth reminded me about one of my sisters. She still has four baby teeth (and she's 26 yrs old!). The dentist said that when/if they fall out, she'll need to get artificial teeth because she has no adult teeth waiting to come in. Odd, eh?!

the ginger tabby said...

You're more than welcome! I always love to get kitty/cat updates :)