Sunday, December 31, 2006

Find the lucky pickle

Brett's mom is one of those people who know about the "lucky pickle" you're supposed to find on the Christmas tree...this must be one of those local (Ohio) traditions like eating pork and sour kraut for New Years (which we'll be having tomorrow when they come over for Christmas presents). I'd never heard of either of these traditions before moving to Ohio about 12 years ago....but I'm a military brat, lived all over the place, and actually missed out on a bunch of the traditions that are staples for this part of the US. Weird, hunh?

Anyhow, in years past, when we've done Christmas at their place, Brett's mom has occasionally had us hunt out the lucky pickle - I don't remember what we got for it (money? just good luck for the year?). Anyhow - totally goofy fun!

Brett's mom Linda ALSO really raves about the bread and butter pickles I made this much so that I've given Brett a couple larger jars to wrap up with their presents. And for extra special fun? Check this out - I'll have HER try to find the lucky pickles on the tree when they're here tomorrow - whaddaya think? Too dorky? Brett thinks I'm weird....I thought it was fun!

Shhhh! Don't tell her! ;-)
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Peter said...

Sweetie, you are a little weird, but I think it's a clever idea.

I'd never heard of the pickle back home in BC - it's more of German tradition, right? Given the large number of people with a German background in the Rust Belt and Midwest, I'm not surprised neither of us encountered it until moving here.

Oh, and hooray for FINALLY getting some blogging done!

the ginger tabby said...

Pickles...mmm...pickles. Dill or bread-and-butter, I'm all over them!

Jeph said...

Turns out Linda LOVED finding the lucky pickle(s) in the tree....I think she was really amused and flattered!