Saturday, January 06, 2007

Christmas cookies

Here's an entry that should've been posted weeks ago - back as the Christmas goodies baking spree came to an end and platters of cookies were deployed at Brett's work place and mine. However, I was kinda frustrated - I felt I was losing my cookie mojo, having had too many bad things happen all around the same time (flubbed more than one batch of frosting, things weren't necessarily cooking up right, used the wrong kind of chocolate for the chocolate crinkles, etc).

Now that that's all in the past, I figure I should still show of what folks got to snack well as ALL the sugar cookies I'd baked up that didn't get decorated. (Hey, they tasted just as good without being all fancy with icing!) Maybe someday I'll find pictures of the ones I've done in years past, where those little tiny cookies you see on the top layer were decorated as little white snowmen with black top hats, scarves, faces, etc. (Oh, plus some little trees and little holly leaves).

I did do SOME mini holly leaves and Christmas trees (which I wasn't super happy with - icing wasn't the right thickness/color), and so I decorated the final cookie platters with those and some Christmas-colored nonpariels (which were a real hit!). I also forgot to do up peppermint bark and some other goodies, but I was at maximum overload and burned out. Maybe next year! :)

What you CAN see on the platters below are biscotti (plain chocolate, chocolate with almonds; chocolate with almonds and cranberries), sugar cookies (undecorated!), snickerdoodles, chocolate crinkles, chocolate dipped pretzels (plain; with peanut butter; with white chocolate; with sprinkles), fudge (dark choc; milk choc; with cherries, marshmallows and walnuts; peanut butter chocolate), cashew brittle and peanut brittle. Bet I forgot something in that list... Oh well - you get the idea - they were diet-killing platters of love! ;-)


Peter said...

Jeph, I am totally blown away by this. I seriously want to come visit this year before Christmas so that I can LEARN from you. Wow.

Are you sure you should be working in a library? I wonder if a bakery somewhere has a vacancy that you could fill.

Super-impressive. Pat yourself on the back, my friend!

the ginger tabby said...

I've never tried snickerdoodles but I hear they're awesome!