Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Moxie's foot fetish

Tempting title, hunh? Wonder how many people are going to get that in Google thinking they're getting something a little more exciting!?

Anyhow, I've mentioned before how Moxie looooooves being under the blanket while we watch TV and/or eat dinner on the sofa. More important, she prefers to be ON my feet UNDER the blanket on the sofa. We need to test if Brett would get the same effect...but usually I'm the one needing to warm up cold feet and hands, whereas he's a furnace.

You can see here in the first picture where I randomly shot a photo under the blanket (between my legs, aimed at the feet) - wasn't sure what I was going to get - cute, hunh?

The rest of the pictures are after I'd moved around some and was then contemplating getting up to take care of the dishes and come to the computer. We'd just finished watching the first two episodes of Ugly Betty in a DVR'd marathon, and I needed a change of entertainment. So we did our best Indiana Jones impersonation, swapping Brett's fist for my feet. That worked until I actually got up off the sofa, disturbing the cat, and ruining everything...

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the ginger tabby said...

Awwwww...how sweet.