Sunday, January 28, 2007

My new creation!

What to do with the 1/2+ remains of last nite's storebought rotisserie chicken?

Pick up a jar of alfredo sauce, a bag of baby spinach and a blob of fresh mozz at the grocery store.

Whip up a batch of "ready in an hour" pizza dough in the Cuisinart (I actually let it go a little longer than that).

Pat out the pizza crust (just a couple minutes), spoon on some alfredo sauce (less than a minute), tuck in some steamed and strained spinach (less than five minutes, start to finish), distribute torn up pieces of chicken (mostly white meat; maybe five minutes total to pick it all off the chicken and chop it up), dot on pieces of cut up fresh mozzarella (less than a couple minutes), slide it off the cornmeal-dusted pizza peel and onto the preheated pizza stone in the oven. Ten minutes later (INCLUDING a minute of broiler time to add a few extra brown flecks on top), and YUUUUUUUMMO!!! We polished this thing off in no time!

Voila - my very own "semi-homemade" chicken alfredo florentine pizza!

I had originally wanted to use the leftover chicken and leftover homefries from breakfast at Bob Evan's yesterday, along with some shredded Mexican-blend cheese and some barbecue sauce to make the pizza, but Brett's not too keen on the combination (even though he loves all the compononents). Since we have another blob of pizza dough from the recipe in the fridge, rather than just freezing it, maybe we'll have more fun pizza tomorrow nite!?


Peter said...

Looks very tasty Jeph, but did Brett eat it? There was spinach on it, after all....


Jeph said...

Yup, he actually DID eat it, and made no disparaging comments about the spinach. Granted, I made sure to put very little on the half that was his, plus it was well buried...