Thursday, January 04, 2007

Why I hate my boyfriend

I hate Brett.

He heard about Ugly Betty. He was intrigued. He wanted to give it a try. I said I didn't want to get hooked on another show. And then he started watching it...

Damn him! I resisted - really I did!

But then I'd sit there and watch a little bit of an episode with him just to spend time together, or because I didn't have something better to do, or...because I was weak, and I was hooked.

But there was no way I'd be able to watch the whole series - I thought he was watching all of the episodes. He claims he actually hadn't seen very many of them - at most four - and tracked down the episode list for what had been released so far (only ten!), and recorded a marathon that was on recently.

So I've caved. We're going all tabula rasa, starting from scratch! We watched the first two episodes Tuesday nite, the next two last nite, and I have a feeling we'll be watching another episode or two tonite. (And I think a new one records tonite as well!?)

Here's the thing - if you haven't watched Ugly Betty yet, CHECK IT OUT! You'll be hooked in NO TIME! It's heart warming, it's hilarious, it's catty as hell... Fun fun fun! Up above you'll see Betty herself....and since she's the main character, let's not talk about her!


This is the main cast. Left to right we have Betty's dad - he rocks; Betty's nephew - flaming homo and tons of fun; Betty's sister Hilda - also very entertaining; the lady who works in The Closet at Mode (she fixes up all the clothes for the models at the agency, and is like a mom and a best friend to Betty at times); Betty; photographer guy (hot); Daniel (hot! Betty's boss); Daniel's dad (oooh, there's TONS of mystery around him, his deceased wife, his SUPPOSEDLY deceased mistress Fey, former head editor of Mode magazine, and Daniel's dead- and more successful- brother); Willimena (probably spelled that wrong; played by Vanessa Williams); Mark (Willimena's assistant); and Amanda (front receptionist we think)

Here's Daniel. We love Daniel. He's Betty's boss, and we drool all over him. His dad put him in charge of Mode magazine instead of Willimena - pretty much pissing off both of them. Daniel thinks his dad strives to see him fail. Sometimes it seems he does. Daniel's got a past of screwing every woman around (and still seems to), and so his dad stuck him with Betty as an assistant. Wear's some fun and funky suit colors - has me begging Brett to wear light purple to work! Ain't gonna happen apparently.

Mark. Willimena's assistant. Probably my favorite on the show. So flamey, so catty! Major plotter, but ALSO seems to have a soft and tender side, especially towards Betty's nephew, who Mark clearly see's as himself when he was younger. I love the 80's Pet Shop Boys look, curly hair, touch of make-up, etc. Very entertaining. Gets yelled at ALOT! Brett and I will now occasionally just yell "MAAAARK!" at each other.

Amanda - Mark's partner in crime, and we believe to be the "head receptionist". Just as catty as Mark (if not more). LOVE her evil grin! (I wonder if someone has to be surgically altered to have their lips turn up THAT much on the sides!?) We're finding out more about her - like her obsession with food (my kinda gal!). Always trying (and often succeeding) in hooking up with Daniel.

Willimena - played by Vanessa Williams. PURE EVIL! LOVE HER! She's often the co-conspirator with some lady who always remains in the shadows, wrapped in gausey stuff (most likely Fey), causing problems for others - specializes in trying to make Daniel look bad. We're starting to see that even she has a soft side...

Betty's dad - Ignacio I believe? This guy's funny. I bet he was really good looking in his younger days. Did a little research - the guys been in TV since the late 70s! Love scenes with him!

Ok, that's just SOME of the cast. We were rolling when Betty's sister got into a cat fight with the Italian chick a few doors down - claws were out, hair was getting pulled, jewelry was getting caught in hair, weaves were getting yanked. FUUUUNNY!

Yup, I hate my boyfriend - I'm hooked!


Peter said...

You hate Brett? If only I didn't already have Conrad. Alas, poor Brett, I can't take him off your hands!

One day I may watch Betty, but thanks to you, I will be tackling Heroes!

Dave E. said...

Dibs on Brett! ;-)

I've gotten sucked into to it lately, too. I think it helped get me started that it's in glorious HD. ;-P

Daniel's hot, Mark's a hoot, and Wilhelmina's great - I gotta at least check out anything Vanessa Williams does ... all together now: "F^G!"

Can't wait for Heroes to return!

Jeph said...

Uh oh Peter - I think Dave just claimed dibs anyhow... Good to know Brett's got plenty of supporters out there - and I usually just get made fun of! LOL

Daniel's totally hot, Dave!

We were at Legacy Village today and Vanessa Williams came on singing something. I said "there's your Wilhelmina!" to Brett....I don't think he realized just how rich a history she has in entertainment (does Miss America count as "entertainment"?)

And ditto - waiting on Heroes!

Jeph said...

PS Dave - we totally need to get Cindy hooked on Betty!

Peter said...

I'll be programming HEroes on my Tivo and catching up in the meantime, thanks to iTunes.

Dibs on Brett? Well, Dave has known him longer, I guess. And Jeph, we don't just make fun of you - I haven't yet expressed the proper degree of awe over the Christmas cookies entry you put up tonight!