Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bucky Grateful to Simon - gasp!

We all know Simon Cowell can be an cruel and evil bastard to some of the contestants on American Idol... Sometimes they really have it coming, and sometimes they really give it back. But often it seems just plain ol' mean. Sure, we keep watching (damn Brett for getting me hooked on yet another season!), but there's many a time where I feel bad for the person auditioning when Simon makes then feel awful about themselves...

And then we have Bucky, who's now saying he's grateful for Simon's criticism - acknowledging it's one of the things that brings people back to the show every week, but also because that, in turn helped draw attention to Bucky himself - and since he's getting ready to put out his first album, well, attention's what he needs, right? :) (So here ya go Bucky - another plug!)

...actually, I have to admit that while this season so far felt like Simon was being extra-assy, he didn't seem AS bad this week. Maybe that's just how it was edited? Maybe he burned out too early this season? I'm sure he'll turn on that "charm" for Hollywood week though - that's just around the bend!

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