Sunday, March 11, 2007


As mentioned here before, I turned 38 last Sunday. Mom and dad opted to spend my birthday in Cancun - great way to celebrate it! ;-) Actually, MOM'S birthday was Wednesday (#61!), and they've started going to Cancun every year or two around this time (something about mom needing sand and ocean after getting sick of the Rochester snow storms).

Anyhow, they got home last night, and dad posted a bunch of pictures from their trip. How cool are these two pictures?!!?

Sweet! Thanks mom and dad!


Peter said...

I bet they wish they were in Cleveland instead!

the ginger tabby said...

How sweet...what great parents!

not cindy said...

so is your named spelled "jeph"? or is it spelled "jeff", as in the sand?

Jeph said...

Legally it's "Jeff".

But back in high school (just over 20 years ago - yipes!), somehow friends and I thought it was cool to spell it "Jeph".

Now it just looks like I was doing it to be very gay (which, in my defense, I was very much in denial back then!).

But now I couldn't NOT be "Jeph" if I wanted - most people know me with the -ph, and think it's weird if it's spelled otherwise.

I've never had a problem with mail, banks, etc - like the bank will take a check made out to "Jeph" without any problem at all!

My family pretty much see me as "Jeff" for the most part.