Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Heeeex in spaaaaace....

(Hopefully you realize that's a take off've the old Muppets Show "Pigs in Space!"?)

Check out what they found on Saturn's top side! Or rather, they found it there 26 years ago when Voyager cruised on by, and it's still going strong, thanks to new imaging by Cassini. While the bottomside of Saturn has a huge human-eye-like feature that resembles a hurricane, this something totally different. It's the only hexagonal storm feature found on any planet so far, and you could fit four Earths into this thing!

For more info, read the rest of the article (where you'll also find a link to a brief video of the hexagon-shaped cloud structure)!


Peter said...

I thought for a moment that you'd been playing with the ice cream maker again. Isn't it soon time you did?

Jeph said...

LOL It DOES kinda look like ice cream churning, doesn't it!? And yes, we should make ice cream again soon! MMM!