Monday, April 02, 2007

Wonder Woman's Coming to Smallville!

Ok, so it's not exactly Wonder Woman, but check out who's going to be playing Chloe's mom on next Thursday's episode of Smallville! This could be fun! She sure looks nice and innocent in all the photos, but remember - Chloe's always freaked out that she's going to go down the same psychosis-laden road that her mom's been on all her life.

And, quick, see if you can guess who's in Smallville's hospital AGAIN!

If you guessed Lana Lang, YOU'RE RIGHT!

Seriously, of all the characters on the show who get to spend time in that hospital, Lana seriously needs a room, or better, a wing dedicated to her!!

1 comment:

Weeding the Garden said...

Yep my hubby is def. excited for this one.. He still has the three decade old crush on her..