Woo hoo! Sharon got her dream job! This means she'll be taking me out for more meals and buying me pretty sparkly things.... Get me some bling, woman!

Seriously though, I think to honor Sharon and to congratulate her, we should all do the special "Congratulations on getting your library job" dance. Hm. I forget. How does it go? Maybe Sharon can show us...

Oh, and her birthday's next week - Tues, Oct 2. I wonder if there's a special birthday dance she might know?


4 Responses so far.

  1. Peter says:

    Oh, Jeph, sweetie, that's, um, very, um, graceful and rhythmic of you there.

  2. Roger says:

    Gotta learn to bend those knees... :)

  3. Jeph says:

    ROFL! People - please remember, this post is to honor Sharona, NOT discuss me! It's all about SHARONA THE NEW LIBRARIAN!!!! Not Jeph, gay man who can't dance. :)

  4. Peter says:

    Um, it's YOUR blog Jeph. YOURS. That's why we get to mock you affectionately....