Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sometimes...just because...

Mmmm...I needed this!

Take one box of dark chocolate cake mix.
Mix in four eggs, 1/2 cup each of water and veg oil, a cup of sour cream and a small box of instant pudding mix. The Cake Dr called for chocolate pudding, which I didn't have. I got wild. I tried banana pudding. WOW - that's really good! Brett felt it detracted from the chocolate-y-ness...whatever!

Oh yeah, and there's also a cup and a half of semi-sweet chocolate chips in the mix! And then chocolate frosting.

Not chocolatey enough my ass!

Now let's be honest - I have failed completely on doing any "real baking" lately, unlike some folks I know, but I haven't had time/energy/desire, and this sure hit the spot!

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Peter said...

I've barely been baking at all, just the apricot bars last night. Which, BTW, were a hit.

I might throw some cookies together tonight, though.