Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Goodies from the garden

I've been getting some grief for getting behind on the blog posts... Right now I'm juggling a couple freelance web sites, plus routinely trashing the kitchen and cleaning it up a little slower than I can trash it (do the math - it's not pretty), spending time outdoors when I can, and trying to work out more. But I also realize I'm behind on the blog, so let me try doing a little catching up... For example - here's what I picked today!

With two small round violet ones, a white one, and a black one, it looks like I need to find a good recipe for eggplant.

And this next picture is of just a couple days accumulation of the lemon cucumbers. This year their skin seems a bit tough, so I'm peeling them all before I eat them. I might be picking them a little larger than I should, resulting in that tough skin - plus they're a bit more seedy than I remember from previous years. At least they're super easy to scoop the seeds out.


Peter said...

Oh, cool cucumbers there. Never seen them before. I bet they'd make an interesting-looking pickle.

Who, exactly, is giving you grief? Surely not me.


Jeph said...

It's that SHARON person... ;-)

Anita said...

VERY nice! I like the lavender colored ones...pretty! You've got such a green thumb. :-)