Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Mmmmm - check out what I've recently made more of!

And I'm enjoying the first batch so much, and have shared so many of them (Brett's mom, Brett's pregnant coworker, you get the idea), and the pickling cucumber plants are fizzling out, that I'm actually contemplating going and BUYING more pickling cucumbers just so I can make even more bread and butter pickles. Heck, I've got some dill plants drying in the garage - I could try my hand at dill pickles as well.


FinnyKnits said...

Yeah, my cuke plants are on the chopping block, too. Fizzling out is the best way to put it.

Although with 4 quarts+ of pickles in the cupboard and more in the fridge, I think I'm OK on pickles for a while.

Speaking of which, perhaps I should give some away by way of a blog contest?

Jeph said...

Hmm....I did all pints, but it totals 6.5 quarts. I'm guessing you have more, what with your fridge stash!!

And if you post that contest, I'm in!! Heck, I'd just trade ya a jar if you're interested... Do you think they travel well?