This holiday weekend was VERY busy!! As you can see, in addition to making strawberry jam and other good stuff, I also added to the bread and butter pickle stock for winter. Finny and I have emailed/blogged back and forth about pickles - she's made a bunch of dill pickles (they look huge!), and I keep cranking out these sliced bread and butter pickles. Brett's mom get's so excited about them - it seems like opening a jar of these is like Christmas morning for her.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Look how pretty!

    Except, are those sweet pickles, because, I'm sorry but ew.

    I am a dill girl myself.

    But still - look how pretty! And sometimes pretty is all I need.

  2. Dill rocks!! (if I may add my opinion to the mix)

  3. Jeph says:

    Sorry ladies - I'm more into the sweet than the puckery!