Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brave & the Bold

OMG I'm such a comic book nerd!

The new Brave & The Bold cartoon, debuting at 7:30pm, November 14th on Cartoon Network, is gonna ROCK! I don't know that I loooove the art style, but check out some of these guest stars!!

I have to admit, I was NEVER a Batman fan growing up - NOR am I one now!

But I LOVED DC Comics Presents and Brave & The Bold when I was growing up. Both were team up comics from DC Comics. DC Comics Presents was always Superman and some other hero, and Brave & The Bold was always Batman and some other hero. Oh yeah...I also wasn't a Superman fan.

But the variety of heroes, with an always changing guest star, offered so much hero-bang-for-your-buck! I LOVED IT! Sure, it was no Super Friends, no Teen Titans, no Justice League of America, nor Legion of Super-Heroes, which all offered more than just two heroes, but with DC Comics Presents and Brave & The Bold, you were introduced to comic books characters you never would've known otherwise!! After reading these two titles for years, and then later, when DC Comics Who's Who came out (listing all the different heroes of the DC Universe), I already knew who most of the characters were!

I'm thinking I should maybe go bow my head in shame now. Well...that, and get ready for the new cartoon starting up in just a few weeks! YEEEEEE!!!! Hello! Here's a list of just some of the characters (some good, some bad), and including some of their voice actors, that'll be on the show.

Batman/Bruce Wayne: Dietrich Bader
Aquaman: Jon DiMaggio
The Atom
Black Manta
Black Canary
Blue Beetle: Will Friedle
Booster Gold: Thomas Everett Scott
Bronze Tiger
Calendar Man: Jim Piddock
Cavalier: Greg Ellis
Clock King
The Demon
Dr. Fate
The Flash
Gentleman Ghost
Gorilla Grodd
Green Arrow: James Arnold Taylor
Green Lantern Corp.
Guy Gardener: James Arnold Taylor
Jonah Hex
Justice Society of America
Kite Man
Ocean Master
Plastic Man: Tom Kenny
Red Tornado: Corey Burton
Skeets: Billy West
Adam Strange
Wildcat: R. Lee Ermey
Zebra Man

Seriously? Firestorm? One of my all time favorite characters! Add Red Tornado, Metamorpho, Fire, Atom, Booster Gold...hell, the whole JSA!? I'm in!

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