Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Caroling

So it's that time of year where many of us are listening to Christmas songs rather than any other music, podcasts, etc... Well, I know I'm at least speaking for myself and Peter.

I'm finding I'm really not into too much of the modern Christmas song performances, be they NEW songs entirely, or new artists covering old classics. I generally stick to the stuff I heard when growing up. One of my favorite artists/groups is Ray Conniff and The Singers - I LOVE this stuff. Could listen to one album looping all day long!

Yup, that really hits the spot!

What about the rest of you? Are you listening to Christmas music at work? At home? In the car? More than your significant other really wants to listen to Christmas music? (Guilty!)


Peter said...

Some of those outfits might have been models for LSH costumes on that other site you sent me!


Jeph said...

LOL True! They're all from that era....