Sunday, December 21, 2008

Coney Dog

These pics don't need much said - just that poor Doogie's still wearing his cone on occasion, like when he shows too much interest in his stitches. He goes in to the vet tomorrow (Monday afternoon) to get the stitches out (assuming all is well).

He doesn't NORMALLY nap on me like this - it was really cute.

"Yes you are! You're so cute!"

We had a bit of a double set-back this week. After things had gone SO WELL with his stitches healing up with little irritation, he got loose as he was coming inside from going to the bathroom Wednesday evening, and it must've taken me 15 minutes to catch him. He had a bad case of cabin fever (understandable) and was rip-roaring all around the yard. By the time I caught him, he was leaving blood drops all over the snow and ice in the yard.

That didn't slow him down, but then I had to call the vet to find out what to do about his dew-claw incision sutures. While he hadn't ripped the stitches out, he opened up the wounds and had blood all over his feet. My instructions were to only lightly clean them, apply pressure, and rebandage them (he hadn't had bandages on in 3 days).

So the next morning we left him in his cage with his bandages and cone on - everything was fine. Sure his feet looked bloody, but that was fine. I got home from work to find his feet were clean - no blood - and NO BANDAGES! NO GAUSE! NO TAPE!

I called Brett at work - no, he hadn't removed them before leaving for work.


So he ate them. Another call to the vet. They said watch him for the next 36 hours to see if he passes them OR if he starts vomitting, acting lethargic, etc.

I took Friday off work to stay with him and monitor - just in case.

Turns out he didn't visibly "pass" any of the gause til Saturday afternoon! And we haven't seen anything else come out (but now it's like 3F, (less than -10F if you count the wind chill!) and too damn cold to go out with him to watch him poop), but he's still acting normal.

He goes in to get those stitches out tomorrow, so we'll see what the vet says. I think we're in the clear at this point.

Dumb dog! (yeah yeah, I don't mean it - but c'mon! Ripping your wounds open in the yard and then eating all your bandaging!?)

"Here's lookin' at you, kid!"

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