Tuesday, December 23, 2008

New project for Christmas Eve Feast - pt 4

This was taken about an hour ago. The rolled up cake came out of the fridge (anyone remember the line "wrapped in plastic" from Twin Peaks!?)...

Then I unrolled the cake and massaged covered it in the chocolate mousse, which ended out tasting pretty good once chilled and firmed up.

As I rolled it back up, it cracked here and there. Years ago I freaked out when I had this happen making one of these things, but this time I just pretty much expected it. The whole thing's holding together pretty well as it is, and once encased in ganache/frosting, it should HOPEFULLY be more stable! The cracking just adds to the "naturalness" of the log.

It pooped:

Now the log's chillin' to firm up. Taking longer than the one hour the recipe recommended, but that's ok. Time for dinner now... Will post more once the thing's complete!

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