Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The best things in life ARE free!

Remember how Sharon, Brett's parents and I went to the Fabulous Food Show a couple months ago? Well one of the vendors was Just Pizzelles, and Sharon got some of their stuff, but I had a hard time getting to the sales person to buy anything with all the people getting their free samples, and so I decided it was a sign I should save some money, not buy more snacks, and just accept I didn't need any pizzelles. And of course I TOTALLY regretted it for the next few days, remembering HOW GOOD their rocky road and mint pizzelles were, and knowing Sharon was scarfing them down and I had none. :(

Sad Jeph.

I decided to at least check out their site - turns out they're just a little north of here (maybe a half hour? 45 minutes?), and do mail order. I thought about placing an order for myself, but knowing the holidays were coming, and I was supposed to be spending money on OTHER people and NOT MYSELF, I again decided I didn't need to be buying snacks.

Again - sad Jeph.

HOWEVER...I noticed they had a monthly contest where you could win free pizzelles. Oh what the hell - I filled out the form, and promptly forgot about it. I HAVE thought about those pizzelles since then, wondering if it'd be fun to buy a pizzelle maker and figure out how to make different flavors (which I know would be a rarely used kitchen gadget, and I'd never get the flavors right). Oh well... No biggie.

And then after I helped push the mail carriers truck out of the snow drift while I was snow blowing the neighbor's drive Saturday, I saw her come over to our house, and run up to the door with a package. I figured it was a comic book shipment...

When I came in, freezing cold and soaked from melting snow, Brett showed me the box. Hunh. Just Pizzelles? I don't remember ordering anything... (Nor did I remember the contest!) Odd.

What an EXCITING THING to open!

I gotta tell ya - these things are GREAT! I won a baker's dozen of Caramel Apple flavor. NOT something I would've picked out for myself if I was placing an order, but they are REALLY REALLY GOOD! (And my hair's REALLY REALLY a mess here after having a hat on while out in the snow!)

Thanks Just Pizzelles!! Maybe I'll seriously have to stop denying myself some of your tasty goodness and will need to actually place an order soon!!! PROMISE!

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