Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fudgy Goodness

Seriously - you've GOT to make King Arthur Flour's fudge drops! They are sooooo good (they even got a blog entry at KAF)!

And easy too - watch... Melt together some chocolate and butter.

Blend together some sugar and eggs.

And, poof! Instant cookies!!

Ok, it was a bit more involved that than - just go check out the recipe. What I WILL say, is these things KICK ASS! They're like eating a brownie in the form of a cookie!

Now I had to bake them a little longer than the recipe called for. It was very specific - you were to cook them 11-12 minutes, and you did NOT want to overcook them! Only by 12 minutes mine still hadn't had the tops crackle, which the recipe says they'll do when they're done. Now my first two pans I had big round blobs of dough flicked out of a mini ice cream scooper (the cookies on the right). So the second round I got a little more handsy with them...meaning I was covered in fudgy goodness as I flattened the blobs with the bottom of a glass (the less attractive cookies, actually, which are on the left), which needed to be dampened to stop the cookies from sticking to it, only it required a lot of re-wetting...and sometimes they still stuck, so I was a mess. But at least I tasted good!!! Like the cookies! Which you should definitely make!

Go on! Go make 'em!


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