Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting ready to garden!!

So I've finally done it - I've gotten around to placing the majority of my growie orders for this year. I've made sure to dial back what I get this year, having gone through all my old seeds, sorted them, and realized I really don't need to buy any tomato, cucumber or squash seeds. Sure, I caved and am trying a new variety of tomato, but ya kinda have to try something new and fun each year, right?? And some things, like beans, I've learned we're gonna need more than those little packets of seeds you buy at Home Depot or Lowes. We eat a lot of beans, and they really get us through the summer. Plus this year I honestly truly hope to be better about success planting in smaller quantities with some stuff. Like don't plant a TON of beans right away, but instead stagger smaller plantings, so we KEEP having good beans throughout the summer. Same with lettuce for the spring and fall...

I'm ordering from different companies this year. I decide to let The Garden Watchdog over at Dave's Garden, or rather the review of hundreds of other shoppers, influence my ordering this year. Sure, Territorial SEEMED like it might be a bit more expensive than some of the other companies I've ordered from before, but sometimes you just don't get as good a germination from cheaper seeds and less reliable companies...and Territorial got RAVE reviews. So here's what's coming from Territorial... The two garlics won't ship til fall.

Blushed Butter Cos Lettuce, Organic - 1/2 gram Organic
Cajun Delight Okra - 1 gram
California Wonder 300 Pepper - 1/4 gram
Chinese Pink Garlic - 8 oz
Dragon Tongue Bean - 2 oz
Flashy Butter Oak Lettuce, Organic - 1/2 gram Organic
Garden Combo Inoculant - treats 8 lbs
Giant Musselburgh Leek - 1/2 gram
Golden Star Pepper - 1/4 gram
Golden Sunshine Bean - 1 oz
Jade Bean - 1/2 lb
Japanese Trifele Black Tomato - 1/8 gram
Knuckle Head Pumpkin - 15 seeds
Maxibel Bean - 1/2 lb
Millionaire Eggplant - 1/8 gram
Nasturtium-Night And Day - 14 grams
Nasturtium-Tall Trailing Mix - 14 grams
Nero Di Toscana Kale - 1 gram
Northstar Pepper - 25 seeds
Painted Lady Bean - 1 oz
Poppy-Apricot Chiffon - 1/8 gram
Poppy-California Mission Bells - 1/2 gram
Red Burgundy Okra - 1 gram
Renegade Bean - 2 oz
Spanish Roja Garlic - 8 oz
Summertime Lettuce - 1/2 gram
Tenderheart Chinese Cabbage - 1/2 gram

(You'll notice I've provided links to some of the items, just to pique your curiousity...)

And then from Nourse Farms (which also got rave reviews), I've ordered:

Asparagus Jersey Knight - 25 plants
Raspberry Heritage (red everbearing) - 5 plants
Raspberry Anne (yellow everbearing) - 5 plants

I figure I'll still be putting in an order for some annual seeds with Thompson and Morgan. While they don't get the best reviews, I don't think I've ever had any problems, plus I love some of their variety, like the nemesia I loved last year...

I think it's about time to start planting some seeds! I should be able to get lettuce going in the basement anytime now...


FinnyKnits said...

Oh, I think I'm going to do my seed orders when I get back from skiing.
I've got a black tomato on the list, too!

Fun times :)

Jeph said...

You've got the best of both worlds - skiing AND daydreaming about gardening!