Monday, January 12, 2009

Recovering from Christmas

New York's had a TON of snow already this winter - especially the week before Christmas. But just as we got up there, the snow turned to rain, which doesn't make for a very pretty Christmas. Once we got back, however, we got our own little snow storm, which was alot of fun. Made staying home from work for the week after Christmas really nice - being "snowed in", with the fire going, warm comfort food, hot chocolate, etc. I have to make sure I keep the bird feeders stocked this winter - the birds have really been appreciating it.

Doogie seemed excited about the snow as well...

Here he's trying to catch snow flakes on his tongue!


Eh, screw that - it's easier to just dig right in!

And while I had all that time off, I took Doogie out for a couple walks, including a drive to check out a nearby park.

Turns out the park was more like a couple wooded paths connecting a couple baseball diamonds and a soccer field. Not much to get excited about as far as going for a hike, but it DID all seem bigger and more adventuresome with all the snow.

Oh well - that didn't last long. Back home to sit inside by the fire and enjoy LOOKING at the snow instead of walking in it...


Peter said...

I think I'm becoming more smitten with Doogie than with Brett.


Jeph said...