Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting some color in the house...

I was walking around the yard this afternoon and see that, now that the snow and ice are thawing, the daffodils are starting to sprout!

It's going to be awhile before they really start showing much color. INSIDE the house, however, the amaryllis are starting to bloom. Here's the most impressive one, between the dinette and living room. Give it another day or two and I expect there'll be some really big red blooms on there.

And if you look down near the base of the plants? There's another bud working it's way upwards!

This one just opened up in the bedroom today...

Here's a close up.

And if you take a look at it from the side you'll see there's more flowers about to open.

Unfortunately these amaryllis in the pot above the fireplace don't look like they'll be blooming this year. They were pretty scrawny to start with, maybe didn't get as much sun while outdoors this past summer, AND I'm sure hovering over the fireplace all winter didn't do 'em much good. Oh well - the green is still nice, and maybe they'll store up some food reserves while out this summer to bloom next winter?

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