Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Yard progress

So many things are happening in the yard right now... I'm just glad to know, after talking with others, that I'm not the only one who walks around the yard after work just to see what all's changed in the last 24 hours. While these pictures may not represent sudden changes in the last day, they sure show what's going on!

These next two pictures are the sand plums I put in last year. What's really interesting is how one is covered in flower buds and no signs of leaves, while the other is all leafy with barely any hint of flowers.

Over in the arborvitae we have a bluejay nest. I know it's a bluejay because the bird launched out of there and gave me quite a scare as I was walking by the other afternoon. Since then I've caught Tucker eyeing the bluejay in the tree - I'm going to have to watch that closely!

The asian pear blooms are all open now!

Made seriously good progress on the back end of the yard this past weekend. I dug five post holes so I could move where the apple espalier fence will be. (Notice one post doesn't have a cap - the end of the post is a bit misshapen and I'll need to sand it down so the cap fits on). Those trees sitting there are NOT the apple trees - they're stand-ins just to help me gauge what things might look like in the future. I also cleared out the old compost bin recently, tore out a ton of weeds and brush, finished off the two new raised beds, etc... I'm thinking of maybe planting some very short perennials between the two raised beds - maybe some echinacea. And the rock (which got covered in weeds last year) is a great place to sit for a short break...

This one's for Peter - the Serviceberry's in bloom, and the deer haven't bothered it one bit this year!

Still waiting on the Sensation lilac to finish popping open. C'moooooon, do your thing!


Michelle said...

Looking good Jeph! No your not the only one. I do that all the time. I do it now and all I have are potted things in NC. I go out there several times a day to look at things. Water of course, but often just to look.

Is that a pond in your yard?

FinnyKnits said...

You and I, both, friend. I'm out there every night after work and every morning after my run (because SO much happens overnight - eh) to see if *anything* new has happened.

This morning I saw 6 new bean sprouts so YAY.

The spot where you've set up your veg beds is gorgeous! Can you jump in that pond when you get hot? That'd be ideal.

Jeph said...

Michelle - technically the pond is BEHIND our yard - our property line ends just before the pond, which is considered a drainage pond for the area. For example, the gutters for our house run into a couple pipes that go under our yard and drain into the pond (I would know this because I cut into them when running a water line across the backyard when we put in the lawn!) ;-)

I don't know if I could ever go back to container gardening - and even though I have a number of pots for plants now, I find each year I use less of them. Just toooo much watering involved. You DO know you're dealing with good soil at least!

Finny - ok, no way am I going out there every morning. Sure, I look out the back door before work, but that's about all the time I can spare in the morning...

Congrats on the bean sprouts - I can't wait til it's time to start picking beans here!

And I'm not sure I'd jump in the pond - at least one person on our street uses a lawn service, so who knows what chemicals run off into that water?!