Thursday, March 24, 2011

There be moles in that thar bed!

Here's Daisy's butt after she's scented moles in one of the beds. She quickly found her way under the edge of the weed block fabric (which is not mole blocking fabric!) and worked her way all over under the bed. I finally had to cut her off as she wasn't finding the mole, she WAS making a mess, she was risking needing a bath, and she was about to trash my crocuses. Last year she found and killed a mole that Doogie and Simon kept missing. I was counting on her to find this one. We'll try again another day...
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FinnyKnits said...


Jada hunts voles in our yard and I didn't realize how effective she was until we went away for a week and the voles were left without their canine supervisor - we had vole holes ALL OVER the yard.

It was awful.

Two days after we came home from our trip, and Jada had been patrolling the property again? Voles gone.

So, good pups.