Sunday, August 21, 2011

OMG Yummy Yummy!

What you see here is only half the batch of the Buckeye ice cream. Well, odds are it's more like a third. There's an equal portion in another container, and both just went in the freezer to set.

And that other possible one-third?

In mah belly!

Hey, someone had to taste test, right?

Wow, this recipe turned out very similar to getting a butterfinger blizzard from Dairy Queen (so why make it at home, right?). I made the milk chocolate ice cream recipe from the same book yesterday, and it doesn't seem quite right. Maybe I didn't churn it in the freezer device long enough? Tastes good (think fudgy pudding pop), but very thick/fudgy, kinda stretches, etc. And it didn't seem to make as much as implied...again, maybe it didn't churn long enough...

Next recipe to make? I'm thinking vanilla bean! Or backyard mint? Perhaps Brett will want to try making one of the recipes involving beer?

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