Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Speed bumps

Does your dog scarf down their food way too fast?  Faster than is healthy for them?  Fast because they just don't know when to stop and would keep eating an endless supply of food?  Fast enough to risk all those canine life-threatening stomach bloat issues?

We've used what we call "dinner balls" for our dogs at times, more for Daisy's speed eating than anything, but also as something to keep Doogie busy and to give him something to do.  And then awhile back we heard about Green, which is another way to slow down your dog.  I think it's intended to take longer for the dog to get through than Daisy does in the following video, buuuut it's definitely slower than when she's just scarfing up food from a dinner bowl - and probably about as long as when she's eating from the dinner ball.  The thing with the dinner ball is that almost every time she and Doogie will trade off.  Daisy gets Prescription Diet for UTI issues, plus they each get two fish oil pills in their dinner, and I'd rather not risk one of them getting four fish oil pills by odd chance after they trade dinner balls.  You can see Doogie in the background working on the dinner ball while Daisy's going to town on the Green for the first time here...

Sorry I had my hand over the mic for part of the video...

I will warn you - the Green isn't super cheap....but I just happened to notice a temporary price drop to $24 the other day, and got my order in.  Now they're back up to about $30 at the time I'm typing this.  You could set up a camelcamelcamel price watch to let you know when the price comes down again...LOVE camelcamelcamel!

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