Friday, August 30, 2013

Northman Mittens - Done!

Check these out!

That's the Northman Mittens pattern by David Schulz at Ravelry.  Talk about really cool.  Or really warm, technically!

I used Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn in the Redwood Mix (6281) and Steel Cut Oats (6214) colorways - "cranberry and tan" is one of my favorite color combinations...

While these look like they'd be complicated to make, the pattern is really easy to follow once you get past the braided 2-color cast on area.  (Had to restart that a few times to get it right)

There's a few little goof-ups here and there in the mittens, but nothing worth ripping way back to to fix.  These guys are done, minor flaws and all.

The pictures taken outside were a bit more accurate.  The original pics I took were indoors and are better close-ups, but a bit misleading for the colors.

Now these mittens haven't been blocked yet.  Once blocked I expect all the "waves" running through them, slight curves here and there should relax and they'll hopefully lay a bit more flat.  Not that that really matters because once you put your hands in them, you won't notice.

The pattern called for knitting a liner of finer weight yarn to go inside these "shells".  While I would've loved to try the process, these guys are a PERFECT fit for me as unless they suddenly grow a bunch when blocked, there will be no liner.

Ok now as I'm looking at that pic above I can't NOT see the flaw on the thumb for the mitten on the right.  Grrrr....

I would definitely knit these guys again - I'm already contemplating gray and black, or brown and tan, or green and gray.  Next time I should reverse the direction on the wrist braid on one of them - right now they both point in the same direction.

LOVE these!  Now we just need some snow.  ;-)

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anne marie in philly said...

loverly, dear! and you have been knitting how long? personally, I hate fair isle.