Monday, September 16, 2013


I posted a picture showing how loaded the figs were back in July, but things have not gone so well since then. I don't know if it's partly the same weather frustrations that have affected so many other plants in the garden this year, or if it's clearly neglect on my part - one of the problems with potted plants is you HAVE to keep them well watered, and I admit I have not done such a good job this year. Next year I'll definitely have to keep the potted figs closer to the deck if I'm going to keep them better watered, perhaps even having them on the little drip irrigation set up I have for some of the deck plants. While it's not on any sort of timer/sensor (so I still have to remember to turn it on/off), maybe I'll do a better job of watering.

Anyhow, many of the fruit that were on the plants back then have dropped off, and those that are still on the plants just don't look great - not super plump, nor are they ripening very early.  I found one that LOOKED really ripen that had fallen off, tried it, and it was very bland.  It hadn't been off the plant long - so it's not like it had gone bad - it just wasn't as sweet and richly flavored as it should've been.

Then there was this guy - a little undersized, but fairly dark.  I know I should wait until it looks almost too far gone, and is actually drooping from the stem, but I couldn't resist - worried that it too would fall off too early (especially with the dropping temps!)

Meh - this may have looked pretty good on the inside (although still undersized), but the flavor just wasn't there.  Bummer.  Oh well - I'll just chalk this year up to a fig failure as well.  Sure, there's some more figs on the bushes, but I'm not expecting any of them to taste as amazing as they have the last two years.

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