Saturday, September 21, 2013

Look, up in the sky!

We had some more of that "noise from the sky" fun this week...

The dogs were all worked up - and these balloons weren't even all that close to us.  We've actually had them go OVER the house before (and that's really loud when they're cranking the flame!).  Brett was having fun with the dogs, telling them the balloons were "sky dragons" - so I'm guessing he's working on teaching the dogs "dragon" means "get wound up"??

The one in the picture above was the one we heard.  It went down near the front of the neighborhood, and then there was another one way off in the distance (pic below).  I also got a super brief video of the first one landing - if you crank the volume up you can actually hear the flame.  Emily (friend/neighbor near the front of the 'hood) later sent a pic of it being gathered up after landing in a yard.

Today is the annual Ravenna Balloon A Fair, although the forecast doesn't look so good...I wonder if they fly these things in rain storms?  I know in previous years we've had some amazing sites with all the balloons flying over.

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