Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sour puss

Mmmmm lemon!

This is the original, more shrubby-shaped Meyer lemon tree, which provided a number of lemons last winter.  I think I've read that many citrus plants will have two seasons, and if this is the case, this is the only lemon I'm getting for the "summer" season, but you can see there are more lemons developing now for winter harvest.  I don't recall how many lemons this more shrubby plant has on it - I don't think I'll get as many as last winter?

The good news is I picked up another Meyer lemon (this time shaped as a standard - think lollipop-tree) earlier this spring, and it's got maybe 12 lemons on it that are filling out nicely?

Both plants need to start getting transitioned to come indoors soon, which is always rough on the plants, especially since we don't have the best window lighting for them without letting ourselves be cooked as well (if we open the black out curtains for the plants, the house overheats!)

I think I'll be having some Meyer lemon meringue pie this winter!  ;-)

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