Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The BT Sandwich

This has not been a great tomato-growing summer for most folks. We've had temps that were so high it probably killed off a lot of the pollen in the flowers, which is my guess as to why we just didn't have many tomatoes for awhile...and then the temps got too cold, which tomatoes don't like (as in "don't store your tomatoes in the fridge" - blech!).

One of the varieties of tomato I LOVED the last couple years was the Lucky Cross (I forget where I actually got the seeds) - amazing flavor with fun colors.  And nice and big - you could slice one across the middle and it would cover the entire sandwich.  This year?


I've had ONE tomato from the vine...and considering how many other tomatoes have rotted on the vine before they were ripe, I took a risk with this guy and harvested it while it was still all-yellow.  Lucky Cross is yellow and orange and a hint of red - a beautiful blend of colors.  The one I harvested hadn't developed the other colors, but thankfully, it did so after about a week and a half on the kitchen counter.  Is it as rich tasting as if it had ripened out on the vine?  No, not quite...but close enough!

This was also the first BLT I had this summer - very strange.  And as you can see, not even a true BLT - just a BT.  Turns out we didn't have any lettuce from the store (iceburg is preferred for a BLT!), and much of the lettuce out in the garden decided to bolt over the last couple weeks (so much for a huge crop for the nice cool fall weather we're about to have).

So, ok....bacon, tomato and mayo - turns out it was really good!  I didn't miss the lettuce too much, and it hit the spot.

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