Saturday, October 12, 2013

Blow out!

How gross is this!?

That's Tucker, after I worked him over with the Furminator some!  Thanks to Pam up in NY for giving us their old, small Furminator that they were replacing this past Christmas - these things are NOT cheap if you're worried you won't like them.  Getting a cast off from someone else is a great way to test whether or not you're happy using them, and the smaller one she gave us worked so well that we got a larger one for Doogie.

You DO have to be careful - the Furminator can actually remove TOO much hair if you keep going at it - more than once we've caused a slight thin spot on Tucker or Simon because they were enjoying the brushing so much.

And all that hair hanging off've Tucker above?  That's not all I got!  Days later, and there's still clumps of hair in the shrubs around the deck - hopefully some birds will find it useful for their nests.

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