Monday, October 28, 2013

Master of his domain

It's his yard, and he will watch over all that happens in it.

(Unless he's wasted on catnip, then he couldn't care less)


Betsy H said...

So regal! Glad I'm not a vole.

Jeph said...

HA! That cat has never caught a vole or mouse or anything! Maybe a grasshopper?

Dave E. said...

Very stately. He always has been very photogenic.

Jeph said...

I'll pass along the complements - it'll swell his ego just fine.

BTW - remember the whole discussion on the scat mat? Well, it's either that and/or the kitty prozac he started at the same time - but he hasn't woken us up ONCE since then!!! Sometimes he's sitting there staring at the door from across the mat, but he doesn't wake us up!