Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Digging up elephants

I dug these monsters up over the weekend...

These are the elephant ears that one of Brett's coworkers passed along for me to plant this spring.  She gave me a bag of tubers (or whatever you call the bulbs for elephant ears), and I split them with a neighbor.  The plants got massive, as did the tubers.

It took me an hour to dig up, de-dirt and then heavily prune the six plants (plus there are lots of little babies coming off them, which I think are called pups?)

Here's a shot of some of the split plants, along with my foot to provide scale.

I sent one of the big ones back to work with Brett to return to his coworker since she said it looked like mine got bigger than hers did, and the rest are in a box in the basement, where hopefully none will rot, and all will dry out over winter, ready for planting next spring.

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