Thursday, November 14, 2013

Orange you glad I brought you inside?

So this has been going on this week...

No, not Moxie curling up in the background.  I'm talking about the in-your-face blooms on the dwarf orange tree.  I can take these pictures to show them now that most of the yellow leaves have finally come off the tree.  After bringing in the citrus trees (they got frosted a few times, but that's fine), they had to deal with lower light conditions and have had a bunch of their older leaves turn yellow and drop.  And drop.  And drop some more.  What a mess.

But now it seems the trees are cheering back up again - first to bloom is the dwarf orange.  These flowers are stinky and strong smelling - yet fairly small.  I should've gotten my hand in one of the pictures for scale.

And in the background of the above picture you can see where the petals have dropped off a few flowers - those spots are now potential oranges!  Don't get too excited though - this isn't a tree that I recommend eating the oranges from.  While they're super juicy and can smell pretty good when broken open, they don't taste good at all.

Oh great, I see a spiderweb in the picture above that I hadn't noticed on the actual tree.  Will have to get that outta there!

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