Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Garden color

A bit of a break from all the sock talk as we patrol the garden and look at the pretty flowers....such as THE FIRST TULIP OF SPRING! And this one is all by its lonesome, under a cherry tree out of the way... Maybe it's blooming first under duress?  (And maybe it doesn't appreciate being out of focus - oops!)

I'm impressed these hyacinths are still doing so well, years after they were planted.  I kind of figured they'd fizzle out by now.  These are in the front yard under a spruce where so many other things won't grow because it must suck all the moisture and nutrients from the soil.  These, like the ones at the very back of the yard, are far from our windows.  As much as I LOOOOVE the smell of hyacinths, they give me a royal headache.

Also in that front bed, like many of the others around the house - DAFFODILS!

Bigguns and minis - those two in the foreground are about the size of my pinky nail, while the bright yellow one in the background is big!

Here's a better idea of just how small those little ones are - easier to see when in a bouquet with other daffs and even some hellebores!  I should get a better pic of this bundle of flowers...

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