Thursday, June 12, 2014

End of the season

What happens when you stop harvesting asparagus? You get this:

Some of those tall spike are getting about as tall as I am.  What happens is a thicker spike of asparagus like you'd see in the grocery store just keeps stretching out taller and taller, getting skinnier and skinnier, and then those little triangle-shaped "scales" around it open up and let out the side branches, which get kinda ferny...  Once it shoots up very tall and looks to start opening, you don't want to eat it.  I don't think it's supposed to taste very good.

Meanwhile, there is still some asparagus coming up that's a decent thickness...and I have still harvested a few.  The dogs eat it more than I do at this point.  I'm starting to think the later plants maybe had more leaf mulch over them, and stayed cold longer this spring, and that's why they got the late start?

Also, you can see that the raspberries have decided to take over the asparagus patch - only the asparagus doesn't seem to mind too much.  In fact, I'm finding it sort of "blanches" the asparagus spears, keeping it tender taller up on the spears - sort of like how you bury as much of the shaft of a leek as possible for more white, less green.  Trust me, this wasn't intentional on my part, but it's worked out ok!

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