Monday, July 14, 2014

It's easy being green

Ok,I don't know where those zucchini came from - I'd swear they weren't there 2-3 days ago when I picked three finger sized squash.  Granted, these beasts are known for their camouflage...  Thus begins the zucchini season.
The zucchini will get used another night.  Dinner tonight was steamed green beans (yum!); leftover cooked chicken breast, chopped and tossed with jarred Alfredo sauce, served over pasta and then with the first pesto of the season drizzled on top.  Oh, and let's not forget Texas toast, which was extra yummy when used to wipe up the last of the pesto Alfredo!
So I guess we'll be eating zucchini, green beans and pesto for the next few months!
And thanks to the fresh batch of pesto, I have some serious garlic breath now.

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