Sunday, July 20, 2014

My garden is sooooo tall!

Time to get out there and harvest some peas!

Reeeeach for it!

Here's a better view to show just how high I have to reach to harvest these peas...note I'm standing on the edge of the raised bed.

I got Brett to brave the elements and monsters, er, mosquitos and deer flies to come out and take some pics to show just how tall some of the garden is.  Man, was I starting to sweat.  Yes, I realize two layers of shirts, including a long-sleeve, maybe isn't what you'd typically be wearing out in the summer, but I had the outer shirt sprayed with mosquito repellent, and was hoping the spray + extra layer would protect me.  My forehead, however, was getting nailed by critters!

Ok, smile for the camera annnnnd....photobomb by Daisy butt!

A little further back to really show some scale.

Alright Brett, I know you hate being out here, so quit screwing around and doing action shots!  LOL!


anne marie in philly said...

WOW! those plants are superhugelarge!

FinnyKnits said...


Look how fucking huge everything is!

I want to hug all of these pictures and I hope you didn't die of mosquito bites swelling your breathing holes shut.

Ugh. Hate mosquitoes.

Jeph said...

Now the REAL question is whether or not we'll get anything good tasting from it all...