Monday, February 02, 2015

Snow day, nerd day

We went from a partial day off to a full day off - yay!  Sun's to come out, and even though the storm system passed by earlier this morning, we've been getting a lot of lake effect snow this afternoon.  I love it.  I'm finally taking some time this afternoon to double dip my nerd-ness...  Getting back to the Holistic Orchard video by Michael Phillips, while continuing work on the two front panels of my Northshore Cardigan. 

And because my first cardigan and biggest cable-work to date might not have been challenging enough, I decided I wouldn't be able to handle all the front cables twisting in the same direction.  The left and right sides should mirror each other, right?  So I did up the charts so they'll complement each other and hopefully not confuse me.

Oh, and knitting something like this plus watching a video to absorb tree pruning methods etc?  Not too difficult at all (he said sarcastically).

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