Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Would someone please do a better job of giving the cherry trees a warning about blooming a bit too early each year - they're clearly not listening to me.  Here's two of my cherry trees, and they're about to have their blossoms burst open any second now.  Unfortunately, the warm temps are taking a break, and we're about to have freezing or near freezing temps every night this week.  

It'd be nice if some year I actually got a megaload crop of cherries, and then it'd ALSO be nice if I could enjoy them.  But between spring freezes and birds, I've never once gotten a cherry off of these trees that I enjoyed.

This one here isn't a fruiting cherry, just an ornamental weeping cherry.  Still, it sure does look good this time of year!  We're supposed to have strong winds blow through today - I really hope it doesn't tear off all the flowers.


Sue said...

Frustrating, isn't it?
Ma Nature doesn't give a hoot whether we get to taste the "fruits" of our labors. She can be a cruel one.

I've had peaches ONE year out of seven.
I was happy with that, because they were sure scrumptious that ONE year.
Guess that was too much for her, because Ma Nature KILLED my peach trees last year with a super late freeze.
Best of luck on your cherry trees!

Jeph said...

Killed off the entire trees, or just the blossoms/potential fruit?

I know peaches are supposed to be incredibly difficult to keep alive for very long (so why do I have two?). I didn't worry too much, figuring meh, I've never truly LOVED peaches when I've bought them at the store or even a farmer's market.

Then I had my own homegrown peaches two years ago and OMG they were the most amazing thing ever!!!

I was lucky to get some peaches on the new tree I planted last year...so that's two years in a row of peaches, one year's harvest from each of the two trees. Wonder if I'll get any this year.

Do you have problems with disease on your trees?

Sue said...

No disease problems. It's a ZONE problem. I refuse to admit I'm out of zone. So---my fault. But hey, it worked for a couple years. Have a great day