Saturday, April 04, 2015

Look what we found!

The other day I posted about moving the trellis to a new veggie bed for this season.  In addition to clearing off a bunch of the leaf mulch from the winter, I was also loosening the soil when I found a surprise.  Carrots.  Lots and lots of carrots that overwintered beautifully.

Ok, maybe they don't look all THAT beautiful in that picture - they're covered in mud at the moment.  This is gonna take some serious scrubbing, not to mention cutting off some spots where bugs got to them.  For the most part they're in really good condition.

Now why on earth are you two being SO CUTE all of a sudden?  Giving me all your attention and not digging stuff up in the other beds?  Weird.

Oooooh - yeah, puppies love carrots.  This one I cleaned off so I could enjoy it (and yes, I shared some of it with the dogs).  They'd already had/stolen plenty of the ones I was digging up.

Now - who's gonna clean all these carrots?  I don't have the outside water turned on yet, so this is gonna be a mess!


Sue said...

My ex-FIL's dog was a green bean junkie. I suppose it's good for them, but no one touches my veggies!! Greedy? Yes!

Jeph said...

Oh these guys love the green beans as well. And Daisy steals strawberries and raspberries. I can only imagine what she'll be like once my blueberries and currants start producing. I know she loves blueberries - not sure how she'll be about currants.