Friday, April 17, 2015

What's sprouting?!

Look what I found in the garden beds - PEAS!

And right next to the peas?  Spinach!

Peas and...I'm hoping those little leafy sprouts are lettuce?  Maybe cilantro?  I forget what's supposed to be planted in this particular spot - could be a weed?

I got a delivery of new fruiting things from Raintree Nursery last week - my first time ordering from them, and so far I'm very very happy with what I got!  I ordered during a sale they were running right at the end of 2014, where you got 20% extra based on what you were ordering, so I picked out a bonus currant, a bonus aronia, and some myco packs which should help root systems grow.  The total order was mostly currants (black, red, white, pink), plus a gooseberry, a serviceberry, and even a 4-in-1 Asian pear tree.  Here's one of the currants, out of focus in the pic, but hopefully in a place where it'll be happy.

Here's the raspberry bed, taken from the asparagus end - and as you can see, the raspberries have taken over the entire bed.  Lots and lots of green raspberry growth, but so far no asparagus spears popping up.  I might keep pruning the raspberries back on this end of the bed until the asparagus harvest is nearly done this year - that seemed to work out well last year.

Here's the new peach I put in last year - look at all the little fuzzy buds!

 What's this?  If you look close at this overhead shot, you can almost make out how the sprouts are coming up in planned straight rows.

Beets!  Lots and lots of baby beets sprouting!  I have to thank Farmer Andy for his suggestion to slide out the contents of a bag of peat on an existing bed, keeping the basic bagged-shape.  This formed a roughly 1.5' x 3' x 2" spot of fresh, virgin planting medium.  I did two of these side by side, and from what Andy says it does a great job of keeping down (or at least delaying) any weed seeds lingering in the soil, and is also nice and loose for the beets to grow in.  Not to mention the bed gets the benefit of the soil amendments!

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