Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thank you Kelli!

Look what I'm working my way through!

We went up to NY to visit my parents for a combined belated-birthday for my dad, plus early Mother's Day for mom.  Also scheduled for the visit was hanging out with friends, seeing the new Avengers movie, going to a Da Vinci exhibit at the local museum, and more.

What I didn't realize was that Kelli from Chicken Thistle Farm had brought eggs over for us to bring back...  It could be she mentioned it, but there was so many different conversations going on at the same time in my parents' kitchen that I missed it.  We were packing up to come back home at the end of the trip and my parents wanted to make sure we didn't forget the eggs.  Sometimes I plan ahead and put in an order for eggs, but whether or not I remember, Kelli is usually watching out for me and makes sure I have a dozen to bring back.  These things are amazing - beautiful color inside and out!  I love getting the mix of different colors (even the occasional blue egg!), and the color of the yolks is SO intense!

I had a day off after we got back from NY, so I whipped up an omelette for my breakfast before getting out to the yard work.  Look at this - you'd think I'd added turmeric!

Yes, I admit it's a little brown on the outside, but I kinda like my eggs that way.  And on the inside?

Asparagus (from the garden!), mushrooms and cheese.  MMM - the omelette tasted great.  Thanks for the great eggs Kelli!

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