Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Garden Flowers - Mid May 2016

Yesterday was veggies.  Now let's take a look at flowers.  Then later we'll get to fruit!  Here's how things are looking in the fourth week of May 2016.  I shouldn't have as much to say here because it's mostly the clematis show...

Check out this frizzy one!

Wanna see something other than clematis?  How about this invasive mint my friend Mary infested me with many years ago.  ;-)

While there are grapes growing on this fence, you know you're really looking at all those crazy viburnum blossoms in the background!

So the garden bench has pretty much been neglected so far this year.  It seems to be sinking into the ground, there are wild blackberries growing in from behind, and weeds underneath.  I really want to remedy all of this, maybe raise it on pea gravel, maybe paint it, get those weed under control, and start enjoying the bench again.  I got a lot of use out of it last year...but have hardly been out in the yard this year.

Above the bend are the honeysuckle blossoms about to burst open!

And hidden in the honeysuckles?  Mrs Bluejay.  She's got maybe 5 or 6 speckled green eggs in that nest.  (Can I blame my neglect on the bench area because she doesn't like me being back there?)

Walkway from the back corner of the yard with the bench up the north side of the yard.  I LOVE how this is starting to get almost a canopy from the plum trees, maple, viburnum, redbud, etc!

It's getting to where I can tell which lavender in the north edge bed made it through winter.  Now I have to learn how to take care of lavender.

Looking back towards the back corner - about time the bearded iris started blooming!  I'd love more!  And between the viburnum, lavender, and iris, you might be able to tell that I'm trying to restrain myself and keep this sort of a purple/white/green bed....  I did just get some clearance creeping phlox that got planted in this bed as well....it's a similar light blue-purple as the lighter parts of the iris - I hope it survives being planted!

Elsewhere in the yard - alliums!

Alliums and bees!

Chives and more clematis in the herb bed.

The variegated willow standard, plus some of the Miss Kim lilacs that are about to overwhelm us in the living room when the windows are open this week!

Let's wrap up with more clematis!  Here's the one (or two!?) by the greenhouse...

...and just off the back of the deck.


Sue said...

You certainly have some gorgeous blooms right now---the clematis is stunning--and I do like the frizzy one best.
Perhaps the Blue Jay felt comfortable nesting back there because it has been "left alone"--I'd give her a couple weeks to fledge her young and THEN work on cleaning up the area.
Your yard is impressive-I enjoyed the tour

Jeph said...


And yeah, she seems to be doing alright if I stroll pass or even stop to take pics. I can even quickly get there and sit down. It's too much standing around looking up at her that makes her nervous. We have so many cats wandering around now that I REALLY hope she keeps the babies up off the ground once they hatch!