Friday, June 03, 2016


Have I mentioned how exciting this peach situation is?


Sue said...

Peaches-YUM. Um, what was your address again? Um, no reason. Just wondering. It's not me if the peaches "disappear". Ha. Haha. Hahahahahhahaa

Jeph said...

ROFL! Speaking of garden cherries started disappearing, but I decided it was sort of worth it when I realized it was cedar waxwings stealing them. Aside from a rescue baby bird years ago that my friend took care of for awhile, I've never seen one - definitely not an adult, and definitely not in the wild. So I was thrilled to see a cedar waxwing land in the tree, then the sadness hit when I realized they were the ones pecking at the cherries, stealing some, leaving others... I picked the last low hanging fruit that were close to ripe before coming in to work this morning (just 5 or 6), and figure I'll leave the rest for the cedar waxwings.

Now if ripe peaches start disappearing later this summer, I'll be watching for you out there. ;-)