Sunday, November 13, 2016

Note to self...

If you're going to sit down, make sure to have anything you want so do / read  / knit within easy reach *before* the critters pile on. And remember that the window of opportunity greatly shrinks the colder it is.

No way can I reach that bag of knitting way out past the toes.

Also - first day we've turned on the fireplace, which also means that "first fire of the season" stink as it burns off any dust, cobwebs etc...   Daisy is in heaven - she loves the fire.


Kris said...

Hey Jeph, the picture isn't showing up. I assume it's of you with a pile of dogs? I had my first fire too, on Wednesday. Was a good day for one, dark and dismal and only in the 40s. Brought in a load of wood for this weekend - the weather forecast looks dreadful. Take care.

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