Monday, January 15, 2007

Catching up - Christmas in NY pt 1

So I realized in an email response to Peter that I STILL haven't posted pics from Christmas. I should've done a bunch of blogging while off sick Thurs and Fri, especially since that turned this into a *five* day weekend (today being MLK Day). Right. I hardly touched the computer - just laid and slept and didn't want to eat... Anyhow - feeling better, and about to meet Sharona for sushi lunch in twenty minutes, so I figured I'd pop up a quick post from Christmas in New York!

Here's my niece Sarah - what a cutie! I don't remember why she had a ribbon tied around her head - I guess she's supposed to be stylin'!? Was trying to do that thing where I lift her up with my feet - CLEARLY I need to get back to the gym 'cause I think I just succeeded in squishing her.

And here's where we let Sarah play with some blue paint.

No - actually I was testing out the filters on my *new camera* (more on that later!) - so it was set to replace a certain shade of pink with blue. Makes for a messy looking baby, hunh?

Who knew dad and Sean (my brother) would get such a kick out of playing with Brett's Wii!? And NOT a game we would've expected...we took Monkey Ball along, and I got Marvel Ultimate Alliance - and they got a bigger kick out of running around as super heroes kicking bad guy butt and smashing equipment and computers to collect gold coins! LOL We actually had a lot of fun taking turns (if only we had a third set of controllers at the time!) and teaming up on the bad guys.

Jesse - my sister-in-law - preparing for her hand modelling career...

...since her days as an abusive mother are nearly over! LOL Kidding! I took a ton of pics of her and Sarah together - this one was just the most fun!

Brett and Emma, my other niece - I have nooooo idea what's going on here.

Emma and mom lounging around. And you can see the Angel (Buffy spin off) doll I got Jesse for Christmas.

Brett lounging and reading.

Close up on the Angel plush doll, propped up under a lamp.

Me kicking Emma's butt at Wii boxxing. (OK, I let her beat me!)

Sean kicking my butt at Wii boxing. Hey, it's a tough game!

More Wii boxing. Careful - these games are hazardous to your health!

Mom clearly being worked too hard in the kitchen!

Jesse and the girls - probably supervising the Wii boxing.


Peter said...

Okay, I know I'm normally lusting after your BF (sorry), but this time I kind of just want to add his sweater to my collection. He looks fine, you can assure him, but I'm really only thinking of how that sweater would look on me!


Jeph said...

LOL Cough cough (homo) cough!

I'll pass on the complements!

Jeph said...

Brett just reminded me that mom got him that sweater a couple Christmas's ago - and says he and mom were shopping together when she bought it for him - $10 at Target!

Shay Shay said...

such cute pics! i like them all. peter can have the sweater - i'll take brett ;)

the ginger tabby said...

Jeph, I think your niece, Sarah, is adorable! As is your other niece. I just love kids :)

Peter said...

$10 at Target? As if that's a deterrent. And yes, very much a homo here. That's why I totally covet your BF!